How to withdraw money from slot machines

How to withdraw money from an online casino

Gaming clubs on the Internet offer their visitors hundreds of slot machines, card tables and roulette. Online casino for money gives you the opportunity to get a good win and withdraw it to a bank card or your electronic wallet. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with the rules of the gaming club and take into account a number of nuances.

General tips for the game

It is necessary to play slot machines and other gambling games only in proven online casinos. They should feature slots from well-known manufacturers: Igrosoft, NetEnt, Belatra, Playtech and a number of others. It is necessary to start the game with a free demo mode and only then proceed to betting on real money. The demo mode does not require registration on the site, and the functionality of the machines in it is the same as in the full version. Playing for virtual coins gives you the opportunity to study the slot machine, try different betting strategies, and choose the optimal one. After you have gained minimal experience, you can make a deposit and try to bet on real money. Also, keep a close eye on casino promotions and get additional bonuses. A number of slot machines have free spins (free spins), and you can also win a jackpot.

Rules for withdrawing money from online casinos

Step-by-step instructions for withdrawing money:

  • Fill in the player’s profile with reliable information that completely matches the passport data;
  • complete account verification (verification) at the online casino by uploading scanned copies of documents;
  • make sure that the desired amount is in the main account, not the bonus account;
  • all prizes and bonuses must be wagered;
  • go to the player’s personal account;
  • in the payments tab, you need to make a withdrawal request, specifying the amount and the desired method;
  • wait for the money to be credited.

Withdrawal methods

The withdrawal of funds must be carried out to the same banking details from which the deposit was replenished. Supported:

  • VISA and MasterCard cards issued by any banks;
  • electronic payment systems: WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money;
  • mobile operator accounts.

Withdrawal deadlines

The withdrawal rules and the terms of crediting are specified in the rules of the online casino, which are published on the website and must be carefully studied before the start of the game. According to the established limits, you can withdraw from 1 thousand rubles to a bank card and from 200 rubles to electronic wallets.

If the amount of payments is less than 10 thousand rubles, then the money is almost always credited within 24 hours. Larger amounts may take a little longer to be paid. Those players who place bets in online casinos from time to time are recommended to withdraw funds in small amounts that are paid out as quickly as possible. But we should not forget that there are restrictions on the total number of withdrawal requests per day, week and month.

Do not withdraw the money won – what to do?

If funds are not withdrawn on the online casino website, then something needs to be done about it and, as a rule, beginners do not understand where to turn to them. When this happens, the player should do the following:

  1. Contact technical support. You can contact her by phone or via online chat. At the same time, you will need to explain the situation in detail to the casino employee;
  2. Provide confirmation of the withdrawal. Here the user may be asked for different documents or a screenshot with a completed form. You will have to provide this information in any case, because the casino employee must be sure that there is money in the account and it is not a fraudster who is contacting him;
  3. Wait for troubleshooting. You will have to wait a bit, and then the technical support employee will definitely provide a solution to the problem, or the transfer will take place by itself and the player will simply receive a message about the transfer of funds.