How the slot machines are configured

Game cycle and variance of video slots

The operation cycle of the slot machine is quite simple: first, he accumulates the players’ bets, and then distributes the pot in the form of winnings. In the “collective” phase of the cycle; the machine gives out winnings rarely and reluctantly, and it is not necessary to count on a large win at all. If you feel that the slot is “greedy” and does not “give” winnings – change it.

How long will the slot collect bets?

Alas, this information is one of the main secrets of slot machines, and slots are configured completely differently.

  • The team of our site spent a lot of time testing NetEnt slots and found that the speed of cycle change in all machines of the Swedish manufacturer is different.
  • The “greed” or “generosity” of the slot machine also depends on the settings of the percentage of return of bets.
  • This data is publicly available, and each player can choose the most profitable device for the game.

Please note that slots with progressive jackpots are the most stingy. How to win the jackpot and is it worth trying? We answered this question in the article “How to win the jackpot”.

What is the probability of a big win? The answer to this question lies in the concept of “variance”. If the slot machine returns 95-99% of the collected bets, then the players get $ 0.95 – $ 99 from the lost $ 1. However, you must agree, it would be quite boring to play, knowing that on each spin of the reel you just lose a few cents from the dollar. Therefore, the machine takes money from one player and gives it to another. This creates a deviation from statistics, which is called variance. The higher the variance– the greater the probability of a big win.

Popular or new slot: what to choose

  • Some beginners believe that it is not worth choosing slots that are played by many players.
    It seems to them that competitors are taking their money, but the machine forgotten by the players, which is sadly gathering dust in a corner of an online casino, conceals a large win that will go to just such a cunning player. Alas, we are forced to dispel this myth: it is possible and necessary to play popular slot machines.
  • The explanation lies again in the cyclicity of slots. If there are a lot of players, the machine goes through the cycle quickly and there is a high probability of getting into the money-back phase and breaking a big win. If there are few players, the slot machine can only collect bets for weeks without any hope of winning. For the same reason, our testers do not advise playing for money in new slot machines. It is worth waiting a few weeks until several game cycles have passed, and the device will enter the set operating mode. However, you can always try out a brand new slot in the test mode of a free game.

Nocturnal predators

Does the time of day when the player visits the casino affect the results of the game? Our answer is yes. If you play NetEnt slots, we will reveal the secret of slot machines, which will increase the chances of winning. The whole point is again in the cyclical operation of slot machines.

How to use this information? It should be borne in mind that the video slot tends to end the game cycle and distribute winnings by the time the statistics are reset. Therefore, the probability of winning increases during these hours.

Size matters

The chances of winning are only theoretically the same for all players. Alas, casinos are interested in big players, so small adjustments are being made to the work of the RNG. Casino owners carefully hide the fact that big players win a little more often and more than small depositors. However, the experience of our testers allows us to predict the behavior of gaming software depending on the size of the player’s bets, the size of the bankroll, the statistics of winnings and other parameters.

How to cheat gaming software? Our testers recommend pretending to be a major player. For example, you plan to spend €200 on the game. Make a deposit for the maximum amount possible for you, play at an average or higher rate. The main thing in such a situation is not to go beyond the limits of the game set for yourself and control the wagering of bonuses.

Secrets of game tactics

Which is better: to bet € 2 on five lines or € 1 on ten? The second option increases the chances of winning not twice, but significantly more. For a successful game, it is necessary to try to close the maximum possible number of lines, especially for slot machines, where the bonus game falls out in the form of free spins.

Often, the nominal value, and not only the size of the bet, affects the behavior of the slot. It is possible to understand which bets the slot is sensitive to after a long test in free mode. There is an easier way – to look at the page with the description of the selected device on our website, read the recommendations of the testers and test them in practice.

If the video slot is “in a bad mood” and does not want to share the winnings, you can try to reverse the trend by changing the game cycles by pressing the Max Bet button. The experience of our players allows us to predict in this case a change in the behavior of the machine. Learn more about Spin or Max Bet in slots.